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30-Minutes of Treadmill & Dumbbell Workout

How many days do you workout in a week? How many equipment do you have at your home place? You should make an excellent use of the machine you have at your home. We have so many options, and A treadmill is a full-workout machine, but that isn’t true at all. The Treadmill does give you an intense exercise, which everyone wishes for but it has low-impact on your upper body, which is the point that I want to make.

Since I have mentioned upper body is left out in the Treadmill workout and that is a gap which we need to fill, or you might have to spend more time on the exercise. You don’t have to pour in more money because you don’t have an upper body fitness machine. You can pay less than $50 and get your hands on the Dumbbell. Even bodybuilders use Dumbbells every day to increase the mass of ARMS.

Having a partner during the workout is ideal. You can involve any one of your newbie friend, who has a passion for trying it and moving on to next level. SO let’s get started 30 minutes of the Treadmill & Dumbbell exercise.

The Rules: I think it’s best you know before you get into the action. You are going for the 5 minutes of intense sessions with no break in between, which means you have to keep on going until five minutes of the duration. You have to let your body get the five minutes of intense treatment.  

Round One: 5 to 6 Minutes

  • You have to workout for five minutes on Treadmill at 3.5MPH speed and 15 incline, which is good for starters.
  • Once you have timer alerts, you then take 40 body-weight squats (If you cannot do it then workout with the dumbbell 50).

Round Two: 10 Minutes

  • Running for TEN minutes non-stop helps your mind and body. You have to maintain a speed of 3.5MPH  and 15 incline
  • 25 body weight squats? You should be able to do it . If you are unable to do that, then you can use the dumbbells, and the milestone is 50.

Round Three

Repeat the Round Two.

Round Four: 15 Minutes Straight

I know that we are adding more time to the workout, which exceeds 20 minutes. However, when you are taking breaks for Dumbbell workout then you are allowing your body to rest, we have to cover that time which you have spent on another exercise. 

  • Now you have to keep jogging straight for 15 minutes, non-stop, at 3.5 mph and 15 inclines.
  • By now your ARMS must have gotten tired, but you should be able to do 25 body weight squats, and if you can’t then, you can use dumbbells for this case. 


We take a note that you are capable enough to go for the body weight Squats. If you are not then we recommend you to go for the Dumbbells, which are not heavier than your body and also have decent results. To know, how well you are improving then all you need to do is to try to 50 bodyweight squats. Let us know what you think about the workout in the description below.

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